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Midwives, nurses and therapists are committed to Life Long Learning.
This must be recorded in a personal portfolio to encourage reflective practice and as evidence of Continuing Professional Development. Regular appraisal is essential, to ensure that all clinicians are working within their scope and providing Best Practice, which is Evidence Based.

Mark-It Television's training films enable staff to acquire new knowledge to update their existing skills at a time and a location most appropriate for their needs and that of the service. Our DVDs and licensed training packages provide researched information that will enhance current performance and allow extended roles to be undertaken, where this is demanded. They are intended to be a supplement to existing In-Service Training, where this is available, and a substitute where none exists.

The government's agenda highlights that midwives have  an increased role in public health and the care needs of the community. This is where the use of quality training DVDs can help standardise care being provided by midwives, parent craft educators and breastfeeding coordinators.
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