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 Written by Chloe Fisher & Sally Inch. Running time  24 mins. Copyright: MITV 1998.

The Oxford breastfeeding Clinic was established by Chloe Fisher in May 1991.  
She and her colleague Sally Inch currently see 600-700 mothers and babies who
make over 1700 visits to the clinic each year.

This DVD covers common problems experienced by breastfeeding mothers and presents  
advice from these recognised experts on solving these problems. Although a few mothers
and babies need specialist assistance, the vast majority (85%) of  those seeking help
have problems only  because they  are not attaching their baby  to their breast correctly.

The consequences of poor attachment range from sore and damaged nipples,
engorgement, mastitis, deep breast pain and an over (or under) supply of milk - in the
mother. In the baby the presenting symptoms may be poor growth, frequent, prolonged
and unsatisfying feeds as well as gastro-intestinal disturbance often labelled 'colic'.  

The solution is to help the mother improve her breastfeeding technique, adapting the way
in which the help is given to the individual requirements of each mother-baby pair - and to
provide her with an explanation of the underlying principles of successful breastfeeding.

Main points featured in the film:
Failure to thrive. Difficult attachment.  Sore or damaged nipples. Colic.
Breastfeeding - Dealing with the Problems MITV ref: DVD BF005
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