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Running time: 30 minutes. Copyright: Mark-it TV 1999.

The technique of getting a baby latched on is a basic skill of breastfeeding.

The ease with which a woman can do this is affected in turn by her feelings about her body, her baby and those who are trying to help her, as well as by social pressures coming from the family and the wider society.

Her continuing ability to breast feed in a satisfying way also depends on her feelings about night feeds, the baby crying, her relationship with her partner and the attitudes of other people to breastfeeding.

In these two DVDs mothers describe the highs and lows of breastfeeding and the varied social influences on them. Sheila Kitzinger discusses with them the meaning that breastfeeding may have for a woman and explores ways in which care-givers can offer understanding and the best emotional support.
Understanding Breastfeeding - Social & Emotional Aspects 2 MITV ref: DVD BF018
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