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Running time 10 minutes. Copyright: Mark-it TV 1998.

This beautifully filmed video, targeted originally at low-income mothers on
the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) programme in Texas, uses a variety
of babies and mothers to demonstrate what successful breastfeeding looks like.
The soundtrack consists of background music without narration, information
being provided by clearly printed headings at the beginning of each section.
This beautiful video is highly recommended and would be suitable for
antenatal classes, community education and school visits, newly delivered
mothers and for orientation for midwifery students and candidates preparing for
the IBLCE examination. As already mentioned, it is a useful discussion tool.

Virginia Thorley, OAM, IBCLC - Author and breastfeeding Consultant

The DVD includes full chapter navigation, slide show, a still frame library,
and twenty preview clips of other popular Mark-It Television titles.
Infant Cues - A Feeding Guide MITV ref: DVD BF013
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