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Programme Consultant Gill Rapley MSc. Running time 20 minutes. © Mark-it TV 2009.

Baby-led Weaning: The First Six Months follows one baby, Oscar, through his first six  months of solid  foods, showing how he progresses from his first encounters with pieces of  food to being a competent  self-  feeder. His parents share their thrill at seeing their son  demonstrate his skills and explain the benefits BLW  has brought to them as a family.

Bronwen and Thierno’s second Oscar, was exclusively breastfed for six months before they introduced  baby-led weaning (BLW) into their lives. Uncertain how Oscar would cope they were amazed by the rapid  development in dexterity and social skills which he showed in just a few weeks.

Since BLW exploded onto the parenting scene, many parents and healthcare professionals have embraced it  as the most natural and logical way to introduce solid foods. However, not everyone has heard of it, or  understands how easy weaning can be using this approach.

BLW is more convenient, nutritious and cost-effective than using purees.
It provides a gentle transition, allowing your baby to eat as much as he wants, at his own pace.

Oscar's taste knows no bounds as he demonstrates with ease his ability to eat fruit and vegetables as well  as of chunks of meat. But its not just to do with eating; sharing family mealtimes boosts a child's  independence and develops their hand-eye coordination and chewing.

This film follows Oscar through his first six months of solid foods, identifying the key features and  progression of BLW both within and outside the home.
Don’t allow your baby to miss out - time to throw away those jars!
baby-led weaning: the first six months MITV ref: DVD BLW003