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Running time: 30 minutes. Copyright: Mark-it TV 2003.

Traditionally, men have been excluded from breastfeeding education programmes despite evidence that  involving men in educational sessions can help overcome obstacles, as well as encourage a greater level of support.

A recent study found that men often feel ignored, ill-informed and unsupported by health professionals. This DVD features a small group of fathers discussing the following issues:

*  What were the reasons for supporting your partner in breastfeeding?
*  How would you cope if your partner was experiencing breastfeeding problems?
*  How awkward or embarrassed did you feel when your partner breastfed in public?
*  Did friends ask embarrassing questions about your partners breastfeeding?
*  Would a friend's embarrassment stop you from continuing to breast feed?
*  How much influence did you feel you had on your partner's choice of infant feeding?
*  Where did you get information about breastfeeding?
*  How did breastfeeding affect bonding with your baby?
*  How were you able to help and support your breastfeeding partner?
*  What are the most important factors about breastfeeding?
*  Did you feel there was a difference in your child when bottle fed, as opposed to breastfed?
So She Wants to Breastfeed MITV ref: DVD BF014
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