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Skin-to-skin contact in the immediate postnatal period has many benefits.
If left undisturbed in skin contact with their mothers after delivery, babies
exhibit behavior such as salivating, rooting, searching and crawling to the
breast, thus enabling a successful first breast feed.

Benefits of skin-to-skin contact:
*  Skin contact and early feeding promote successful breastfeeding
*  Skin contact is excellent for maintaining babies' temperature
   and even correcting hypothermia
*  Early breastfeeding can increase uterine activity and may reduce the risk
   of postoartum haemorrhage
*  Early mother-infant contact plays an important role in the maintenance of
  maternal behavior in other mammals, and this may also be true in humans.

There is no set amount of time you should spend in skin-to-skin contact.
However, professionals agree that the longer a baby stays in skin contact, the
greater the health benefits will be.
A Guide to Skin to Skin MITV ref: DVD BTH005