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 Annual license
 Infant Formula Explained (IFE) annual license for one facility with one DVD: £ 195.00 per. year.
 Additional Mark-it TV titles (one DVD per title) as part of a package with IFE: £ 150.00 per. year.

 Additional copies
 Additional five copies of any DVD for use in the same licensed facility: £ 150 .00 per.year.

 License for streaming films
 Addition of IFE films or other Mark-it films to intranet (in addition to licensing fee): £ 200. per. year
 (ie same cost as licensing an additional 10 DVDs) for up to 3 films.

 Validity and Contract
 These prices are valid until June 2013 and anyone signing a contract during that time can renew
 at the same  rate for the following two years, when prices will be reviewed.
 DVDs must be returned if licenses are not renewed.

 A discount may be available if licensing multiple facilities -
 or all facilities covered by a Primary Care Trust.
Infant formula explained (IFE) purchase information