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How can this happen and yet nobody know?
Domestic Abuse – What Everyone Should Know  is a drama/ documentary highlighting the experience of Rachel, whose years of suffering at the hands of her partner finally comes to light after she is the victim of a brutal and sustained assault.

The film explores the key issues through interviews and   statements from the people closest to her.  It covers:
       * The factors that cause and sustain domestic abuse;
* How to recognize it;
* What we all can and must do to address it.

  As ably demonstrated in the film everyone has a role to recognize and take action to eradicate
  Domestic Abuse.
  Domestic Abuse – What Everyone Should Know is therefore suitable for a very wide audience,
* Professionals working in the field (as an introduction);
* Other professionals who may in the course of their work  come into contact with
  Domestic Abuse (Health Workers, Social Workers, Probation Officers, Police Officers,
  Fire Fighters, Council Workers, Teachers);
*  Members of the general public.
Domestic Abuse - What Everyone Should Know MITV ref: DVD DV0020