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Running time: 25 minutes. Copyright: Mark-it TV/CBT 2009.

Parents John and Alexa Warden speak about their experience.
They share what they needed from the doctor, midwife and other healthcare professionals
when making the decision to end the pregnancy of their baby Benedict.
They describe their need for understanding of their loss, their need for honest information
about termination for foetal abnormality and post-mortem examination. How they told their
children about their baby brother.

Programme devised and written  by Jenni Thomas, Director of the Child Bereavement Trust, Maternity and Paediatric Bereavement Facilitator within the South Buckinghamshire NHS Trust.

Advisors to the project:
Yvonne Young - Clinical Midwife Specialist
Ann Chalmers - CBT Project Leader & Facilitator.

We would like to thank John and Alexa Warden and their children Colett, Elizabeth Ann,
Eugenie and Benedict for the making of this programme.
Making Difficult Decisions - A Child of Mine MITV ref: DVD CBT001