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Produced by The National Autistic Society. Copyright: Mark-it TV 1999.

Joe attends a school specifically for children with autism. Richard and Juliette
both have Asperger syndrome and live in their own homes with the help of
24-hour support. Robin was not diagnosed with Asperger syndrome until he
was 46. He lives in his own property and has always had a full-time job where
he now receives support from a supported employment service.

All of these people have autistic spectrum disorders.

This thirty minute video focuses on the wide variety of abilities and needs of
people with autistic spectrum disorders and highlights the need for different
services and support to enable people to reach their full potential. Includes
interviews with a parent, people with autistic spectrum disorders, and
professionals in the field of autism discussing issues related to diagnosis,
early intervention, schooling and adult life.  
The Ages of Autism MITV ref: DVD AU001