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Running time: 25 minutes. Copyright: Mark-it TV 2006.

Thee purpose to this postnatal video is to show how you can use exercises to
help your body to return to its pre-pregnancy state. You will also have advice on
posture, lifting and returning to sport or other exercise sessions.

The exercises work gently through the muscle groups affected by your
pregnancy and delivery. They are equally appropriate following a vaginal birth or
a caesarean section.

This video does not attempt to replace physiotherapy input, either on the wards
or on training courses. It aims to supplement existing resources or to help to
compensate where there are none available.

It shows a complete postnatal advice and exercise session, covering
progression of exercise and return to normal fitness levels.

Back care and posture relating to baby handling are also covered in detail.  
The Progressive Postnatal Exercise Programme MITV ref: DVD EX001