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Running time: 18 minutes. Copyright: Mark-it TV.

Breast pain is a common symptom and in the vast majority of women is not associated
with any serious underlying disease.

This DVD discusses the symptoms and causes of breast pain and its treatment.

An introduction is followed by some interviews with patients suffering from different types
of breast pain. The role of physical examination, imaging and breast pain charts are
briefly discussed. Some simple practical suggestions to help the symptoms are also
given. The common drug treatments for breast pain are discussed.

Written and presented by:

Mr. Z. Rayter BSc, MBBS, MS, FRCS, AKC - Consultant Surgeon, Director of Bristol
Breast Unit, BRI.
Dr. M Lamont MB, ChB - Clinical Assistant, Bristol Breast Unit, BRI.
Breast Pain - No Cause for Concern MITV ref: DVD BP001 download clip