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 Produced by Mark-it TV for The University of the West of England. Copyright: 2004.

This DVD is for those working in the field of domestic violence, maternal and
child health. It aims to highlight some of the practical solutions for health professionals
Enquiring about domestic violence particularly, during pregnancy and the antenatal

The DVD employs a case study approach. The audience is introduced to a family in
which violence is occurring. Throughout the programme the family is visited by a range
of health professionals who have concerns but need further support and information
to tackle the issue confidently.

The story is divided into four parts.

* The impact of domestic violence on women and children.
* The barriers health professionals face when asking about violence.
* Practitioner scenarios demonstrating how to effectively enquire about violence.
* Support practitioners for practitioners and women.
Domestic Violence in Pregnancy MITV ref: DVD DV002