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 The questions parents ask.

 Which is the best infant formula on the market?
 Which is closest to breastmilk? How do you reconstitute it properly?
 We all want babies to be as healthy as possible and fulfill their development potential.

 Babies are born to be breastfed, but a quarter of babies in the UK receive  Breastmilk
  substitutes - infant formula - from birth.

 Many  more will be fed formula before they are one year old. Their parents want to know which   formula to use and how to reconstitute it properly.

 What you do say?

 Baby milk companies all claim their formula is the best on the market and make health claims
 for supposed benefits of special added ingredients. So where do you look for  accurate,   independent information so you can provide objective advice?

 This DVD contains both a health professionals programme and a version for parents. The main   programme (25 minutes) features experts explaining the truth about formula to give health
  workers the information and the confidence they need to answer  questions from parents and   carers.

 The shorter programme is for use with parents who have decided to formula feed. It covers the   basics about formula (7 minutes) and offers detailed instructions (10 minutes) on how to make
  up powdered formula in line with World Health Organisation guidance to reduce the risk of   possible contamination with harmful bacteria.