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Mark-it TV’s iPhone Apps are ideal for new parents and healthcare professionals and offer reliable information which includes clear video and script guidance. The Apps are available via the iTunes Store - click the App Store link above.
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Imagine a film where there is no narration, with only a few words on the screen (in English and in Spanish) that introduce each section. Have the sections illustrate every step of the entire basic sequence that every mother needs to know: the baby getting hungry, the mother getting ready to nurse (including using a telephone book as a footstool), the baby opening wide, the baby latching on, nursing, the baby letting go when done, and finally, the baby looking satiated. Show mothers from different ethnic backgrounds. Use the camera for tender and loving close-ups that feature every sweet detail. Play lovely music in the background. Put all these ingredients together for a perfect teaching film that will mesmerize audiences and leave a teacher free to comment or to say nothing.
While not every baby shown is actively nursing, the only missing element is baby’s smell.
It has taken me many showings to be able to watch the film without weeping, for its tenderness brings back memories. Place it in a league of its own; this is an absolute must for any class whether it be for healthcare professionals, new mothers, or mothers-to-be.
Nikki Lee, RN, MSN, IBCLC
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