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Mark-it TV’s iPhone Apps are ideal for new parents and healthcare professionals and offer reliable information which includes clear video and script guidance. The Apps are available via the iTunes Store - click the App Store link above.
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Meet the children of Hartcliffe’s Children’s Centre as they prepare six healthy meals before your very eyes. Whether your taste is for home-made chicken dippers, pizza or chocolate brownies these young gourmets have little difficulty in preparing each mouth watering dish.
Healthy Food, Healthy Choices serves up the perfect visual recipe guide for anyone to follow. The programme aims to re-educate unhealthy appetites by making cooking easy, quick and fun - why pay anymore when you and your children can create a better healthier option for each family mealtime.
The featured recipes are recommended as part of balanced diet helping to avoid childhood obesity. Establishing good eating habits early on is the best solution for providing your child with a sensible attitude and awareness for the teenage years and beyond.

Healthy Food, Healthy Choices