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Mark-it TV’s iPhone Apps are ideal for new parents and healthcare professionals and offer reliable information which includes clear video and script guidance. The Apps are available via the iTunes Store - click the App Store link above.
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Moving from milk to family foods is called weaning. From  about six months your baby needs more than milk to grow and develop. Delaying weaning could mean your baby does not get enough iron or the opportunity to chew. Before six months breastmilk, or a suitable substitute, is all that your baby needs.
Breastmilk is the optimal choice as it contains many ingredients that no substitute can replace, breastfeeding also offers health benefits to the mother.
At six months of age your baby’s body is ready for most family foods except salt, sugar, honey, whole nuts and low fat foods.
Also at six months, your baby can sit up, he can reach and grab, he can put things into his mouth, and he wants to chew.
This App will show you how the foods that the rest of the family eat can be suitable for your baby too.
From Milk to Family Foods