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Mark-it TV’s iPhone Apps are ideal for new parents and healthcare professionals and offer reliable information which includes clear video and script guidance. The Apps are available via the iTunes Store - click the App Store link above.
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As your pregnancy progresses and the birth of your baby approaches, you will probably have given some thought to how you will experience labour and in particular the pain associated with it.

If this is your first baby you won’t know how you will react to labour until you are actually experiencing it. Whilst a few women require no pain relief, the majority will require some help. It is therefore worth spending some time considering the options open to you whilst at the same time keeping an open mind.

Your choice of pain relief may also be influenced by other important decisions that you will be making. For example, although a range of options will be available to you if you are having a home birth, an epidural will not be, as this is only available in hospital. Your midwife is the best person to discuss your choices with. She can discuss the different ways of relieving pain and also tell you what options are available at your local hospital or birth unit.
Pain Relief in Labour